Caffeine Free Japanese Herbal Tea

TEN-CHI CHA (TEN-CHI chuh), literally translated from Japanese as “Heaven and Earth Tea” , is one of the most traditional Japanese herbal teas. TEN-CHI CHA is unique in its fusion of 12 premium herbs traditionally used for centuries in Japan for medicinal purposes. Recent scientists have also shown that the herbs in TEN-CHI CHA are good for aiding in detoxification processes, maintaining regular G.I function, and promoting healthy blood circulation.* Additionally, TEN-CHI CHA has zero caffeine, zero sugar, zeor calories! Unlike other unsweetened beverages, TEN-CHI CHA doesn’t have a strong and bitter taste and is easy to drink. If you are looking for any herbal tea that you can enjoy drinking as well as maintain your health, TEN-CHI CHA is the one you can enjoy. We want to introduce this Japanese ancient health secret to global audience!